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Licence Check

Enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility ensuring driver risk is reduced and compliance is assured. An essential process for organisations with employees that drive on work related business.

Be Compliant, Stay Compliant

Compliance with EU and UK government legislation is an imperative for all transport operators.

Convey Licence Check manages the full driver consent process, with e-consent option, which is valid for 3 years. Ensuring data protection compliancy.

Convey Licence Check makes it easy for you to monitor performance, comply with legal requirements and most importantly keep your drivers on the road.

With Licence Check you will:

  Gain all the tools you need to manage driving compliance

  Be free to automate and streamline essential processes

  Easily access and act on all driver and vehicle info in one place, including driver risk

  Dive deeper into driving compliance with reporting, alerts, warnings, notifications and a clear audit trail

  Minimise your own company risk when it comes to driving compliance

With reassurance that Licence Check is:

  The highest rated licence checking provider based on customer reviews (rated 5 star)

  A mix and match platform, you’ll only ever pay for the service(s) you need

  Committed to providing free, top class support - available 5 days a week

  A safe & secure environment to store your sensitive data

  Analysing data provided by the DVLA


Verify Drivers

Licence Check solution enables organisations to actively manage driving licence eligibility, checking the driver has the correct category entitlement and eligibility to drive.

Live DVLA Data

Our Licence Check service uses data supplied by the DVLA, meaning it is always up to date and accurate.

Improve Efficiency

Automatic scheduling of driving licence rechecks without the need for human intervention, saving you time and money.

Identify Risks

Checks the licence for current endorsements, penalty points and convictions. Identifies and monitors ‘high risk’ drivers.

Keep Notified

Triggers comprehensive notifications and immediate warnings keeping you 'in the know' about your drivers at all times.

Expert Support

Our staff have over 20 years experience in supporting operators and drivers within the transport industry. We are on hand to assist you with all aspects of the Convey platform

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Pay per check

Itemised invoices monthly in arrears

No contracts, subscription or direct debit commitments


Fleet Management

Manage your entire fleet as efficiently as possible

Licence Check

Enables organisations to actively check driving licence eligibility


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Audit and management of driver performance


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